Renewing old ex-military robot – Gams

In collaboration with laboratory for autonomous systems in Ljubljana (LAMS) we are ROS-ifying an old ex-military robot: Gams!

The task is to connect it to ROS, LIDAR + SLAM and make a Faculty’s first robotic courier. The task might sound trivial, but it’s actually very complex.




Gams has to climb up stairs with a load up to 50kg! This is where powerful motors come in handy – you need two of them to power an electric wheelchair, we have 4!




Connecting an old micro-controller way easy, but now comes the hard part… LIDAR with SLAM and odometry. We connected a Neato LIDAR and got it to work with ROS-Hector SLAM.



Our next task is to connect it to SLAM… stay tuned for more!





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