TAFR – autonomous farming robot

We are TAFR, multidisciplinary team of students with a goal to improve everyday work of farmers and vinegrowers.

We are developing an autonomous electrical farming robot, which will monitor the plants, apply fertilizers and pesticides and help with everyday work.
With a robotic helper chores on the field get cheaper, done faster and can be managed remotely. It puts the farmer at a safe distance from toxins and steep hills.

Our main goal right now is winning on Field Robot Event (June 2017, England) , where more then 20 European teams are compeeting with their farming robots.

You can follow our work on our website: www.tafr.si or on our Facebook page: LINK

The robot far:

This is how it follows rows of fake corn autonomously:

Real corn tests:


1 (1)

Some pictures of developing:




SLAM test:


But more about the project comming soon!

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