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Renewing old ex-military robot – Gams

In collaboration with laboratory for autonomous systems in Ljubljana (LAMS) we are ROS-ifying an old ex-military┬árobot: Gams! The task is to connect it to ROS, LIDAR + SLAM and make a Faculty’s first robotic...

LIDAR testing robot under construction 0

LIDAR testing robot under construction

After successful “off board” tests of Neato LIDAR it’s time to put the power of SLAM mapping on the robot!┬áThis is where the process of building a LIDAR robot will be documented. 30.8.2015 –...


Neato XV-11 to ROS, SLAM – Tutorial

  Documentation on ROS-Wiki can sometimes be a little hard to understand for some beginners. In this tutorial, we’re going to go through software steps for connecting Neato XV-11 sensor (which I will refer...