Time Writer App

Time Writer App is a free and simple tool to help you track time of working shifts. It saves data directly to Google Drive sheet with very low internet usage, so there is no worries about your data being lost.


Why is it better:

– There is no sign in required in the app

– Low internet usage

– Offline mode (upload the data whenever you have connection)

– Simple design

– Free with no adds

– Works with popular media: Google Drive


Here is a very simple tutorial on how to connect the app to your Excel folder in drive:

You start by creating a new Google Form in Drive.






Name the Form however you want, here it is called Work Hours. Create the first entry with “Start Shift” as Question Title and select the “Text” as Question Type.








Create a second entry by clicking ADD ITEM button. Set second Question title “Stop Shift” and select Text as Question Type.





This is what your form should look like. Now click on the “View live form” button.





Now there are three pieces of data that will connect your app to just created Google Sheet. The most convenient way to send them is e-mail, since they are kind of long, but you can also type them in your app.

1: Copy and paste in the mail the link of the form WITHOUT THE  “viewform” AT THE END.





The other two pieces of data are ID’s of the Input windows. To get the first ID, right-click on the first window and select “Inspect element”.






A new scary window appears. Don’t worry, you don’t have to understand anything there, you just need the “id” number (look at the picture below). Copy it and paste it in mail under the URL.

Note: If you get lost, simply hoover above the code with your mouse and look at the form on the left. When you are above the right chunk of code, the Start Shift window should appear blue(also shown on the picture below).





Also copy the “id” of the End Shift window and paste it to your mail under the first ID. It is the same process as one step above.






This is how example email looks like. Now send it to yourself and open it on your phone.




On your TimeWriter app go to (Settings -> URL), copy the URL from your mail to the line below and click OK.




Now copy the FIRST ID to Start shift ID in app.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               And copy the SECOND ID to Stop shift ID.



























That’s it! Now go out, work those long hours and don’t worry about keeping a track of it any longer!

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