Timeline of projects & news

Dual boot with Windows 10 and Ubuntu from USB


Old workshop cleanup


It took me 20 days to cleanup and transform our old workshop

Building a new robot for Field Robot Event 2017 with a new team TAFR



More about the project on our official page

WiFiBot – autonomous robot for indoor areas


WiFiBot can autonomously drive on a desired path in any indoor area. It is designed to carry a 13′ computer, that will in this case probe and check WiFi signal, but the system can be used for any number of applications.


Atended Field Robot Event – a farming robotic competition with CORNSTAR



We competed in a major farming robot competition in Germany

RobertROS – new generatation of DIY autonomous cleaners


A major update to Robert, autonomous cleaner. It’s smarter and faster then ever, check out the video.



Olympic countdown timer


A student project with MakerLab. It’s a 4m high interactive countdown timer to next olympic games. It’s located in the middle of Slovenia’s largest shopping centre.



Renewing ex-military robot – Gams



Going PRO with Gams Robot. In collaboration with Laboratory for autonomous mobile systems-LAMS we are making a faculty’s first autonomous robotic courier. This is a project now in progress.



Start making your robots with ROS ASAP! – Tutorials


ROS is a PHENOMENAL tool to make simple and complicated robots. Because the documentation is sometimes hard to read from official ROS website I started my own collection of tutorials. With time the collection will fill-up.


LTFE Robot 



This robot is a true landmark in my Robot-making career. Here I first encountered ROS – it was life changing!

Official opening of MakerLab Ljubljana



We officially opened a first IOT MakerLab in Faculty for electrical engineering in Slovenia. It is an open space for people of all ages to come to share and work on their projects.


Robert Project wins a huge student competition


DIY robot Robert made from off-the-shelf things wins a HUGE robotic student competition. It’s autonomy is based on single wall-mounted camera and it also supports swarming.

Finished a DIY 3D printer



My love for 3D tech really started just after finishing this printer. Check out the quality of the prints!




Simple robots not only inspired me to work on more complicated ones, they made my seminar works in high school extremely easy to make. Check out the collection of some of my first projects.