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Renewing old ex-military robot – Gams

In collaboration with laboratory for autonomous systems in Ljubljana (LAMS) we are ROS-ifying an old ex-military robot: Gams! The task is to connect it to ROS, LIDAR + SLAM and make a Faculty’s first robotic...

LIDAR testing robot under construction 0

LIDAR testing robot under construction

After successful “off board” tests of Neato LIDAR it’s time to put the power of SLAM mapping on the robot! This is where the process of building a LIDAR robot will be documented. 30.8.2015 –...


Neato XV-11 to ROS, SLAM – Tutorial

  WARNING: This tutorial is badly outdated. If you follow it, things will not work 100%. Please use it only for reference.   Documentation on ROS-Wiki can sometimes be a little hard to understand...